Simon BrowningSimon graduated from Swansea University in Environmental Biology before heading to Ireland delivery research support to Matt Murphy at Sherkin Island, where he led the Littoral Flora and Fauna survey team, red seaweeds his specialisation. He attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and commissioned as a Logistics Officer he has followed the flag for 24 years to see deployments across the globe which has included Belize, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Germany, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and finally to the Falkland Islands. A diver of over 25 years he is a BSAC Dive Leader and Diver Coxwain. His passion for marine biology never far from the surface Simon has been diving regularly with the Shallow Marine Survey Group for the last 24 months, fascinated by the diverse marine life and enthralled by the Fur Seals and Sea Lions.

Simon is a support diver with SMSG helping with specimen collections, transact surveys and underwater photography. Simon and his wife Sarah were the SMSG Logistics planners for two expeditions to Ascension Island in 2012 and 2013.


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