We're pleased to be associated with many local and international organisations through collaboration, support, or just a love for diving and marine conservation.


FIGFalkland Islands Government.  Through the Biodiversity Framework, we aim to conserve and enhance the natural diversity, ecological processes and heritage of the Falkland Islands, in harmony with sustainable economic development.  FIG and its departments (such as Fisheries and the Environmental Planning Depts) is pleased to collaborate with SMSG to help meet this vision.

FCFalklands Conservation. Falklands Conservation monitors and protects the exceptional wildlife heritage of the Falkland Islands. The Islands are one of the last great wilderness sites on Earth and form a unique bridge between the Antarctic and South American continent.

AIGAscension Island Government.  Ascension Island is part of a British Overseas Territory together with St Helena and Tristan da Cunha under the sovereignty of the British Crown.

Fortuna Ltd. Fortuna Ltd is a company wholly owned by Falkland Islanders involved in all major fisheries around the Islands. They have been generous supporters of Falklands Conservation in the past and we welcome them as supporters of the SMSG.

South Georgia Heretige Trust. The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) aims to work with all who wish to preserve the island's natural and historical heritage for future generations to redress the damage to its environment done in the past, and to preserve the human heritage of the island.

Oceanic.The people of Oceanic have created an innovative environment that our customers can count on to offer the diving products and services you need and want at prices your are willing to pay... a company leading the dive industry into the future.

PolarBears.Polar Bears have been manufacturers of made to measure drysuits, thermal undersuits and a range of accessories since 1982.


Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd. A leading company in the Falkland Islands, with activities including: Fishing, vessel chartering, vessel management and vessel agency. Ownership in two deep-sea modern factory trawlers with joint venture Spanish partners.con


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